AQUASUN[1 HP][Single Phase Submersible Pump Starter][ABLSP 1050]

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AQUASUN 1 HP Control Panel for single-phase Motor Pump provided with 16 Amps BCH type Contactor 2 pole with easy replaceable heavy-duty fixed and moving contacts and Coil Voltage range between 160-240 Volts with easy replacement of coil.
Switching device provided-Single Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker [MCB-C Series-Inductive Load] of capacity 16 Amps which ensures protection against short circuit.
Start Capacitors of rating 120-150 Mfd provided for giving initial torque to the motor of 1 HP connected to Start Button which charges and discharges the start capacitor.
Run Capacitors of rating 50 Mfd provided for smooth running and better life to the motor of 1 HP which is connected to Neon bulb indicator for showing motor running condition.
Ammeter provided with for measuring current consumed by the motor pump.
Voltmeter provided for measuring incoming voltages and can be read by pressing a switch for the long life of voltmeter. Heavy Bakelite Connectors [30 Amps] capacity provided for easy connection of incoming Power and outgoing Motor supply wires. [Please see full PRODUCT DESCRIPTION below]


Starting and protection of pump-set done by this single product.
Motor and Supply wire directions are given for easy connections.
Connector terminals for easy connection.
Best quality panel accessories used for long-life operation.
CR sheet enclosures, elegant powder coating after pretreatment.
Wires(ISI) were used indicating colors Red (R), Yellow(Y), and Blue(B).
Every end of the wire is soldered/crimped by terminals to avoid sparking.
Thread Lockner applied to every nut and bolt to avoid loose contacts.
Product directly going from Manufacturer to Consumer.

All Single Phase Water-filled Submersible Pumps.

Our products are ideally suitable for water supply in houses, bungalows, offices, hospitals, factories, hotels & restaurants, apartments, multistory buildings, commercial centers, and all places with water tanks Overhead/Underground.

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Technical Specifications
Product Features
Colour GREY
Voltage (volts) 220~240 VAC, 50 Hz
Horsepower (HP) 1HP
M.C.B Current Rating 16
Run Capacitor Rating 50
Connection Diagram Connection diagram provided with Nuts and Screws
Mounting Wall Mounting /Screw type.
Quality Control Govt. C.P.R.I. Bhopal Tested and Certified
Warranty Six months against any manufacturing defect.


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AQUASUN[1 HP][Single Phase Submersible Pump Starter][ABLSP 1050]
Original price was: ₹3,260.00.Current price is: ₹1,342.00.
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